Currencies trading in narrow ranges, equities are barely unchanged

By MoneyWay | Jan 26, 2021

Markets still in holding patterns while the dust settles in Washington. Covid-19 now even more of a focus as variant strains are now popping up around the world. Countries are worried that the current vaccines are not as effective as the original Covid-19, however, scientists believe that some of the vaccines will hold up against them. The problem is that people are still allowed to travel globally and until there is a complete and utter stop to this there will still be new variants in various countries.

Expect a narrow range on the USDCAD today.

Currently             Close                     Range

USDCAD               1.2702                   1.2738                   1.2695-1.2782

EURCAD               1.5438                   1.5460                   1.5434-1.5497

GBPCAD               1.7445                   1.7418                   1.7382-1.7445

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