Currency markets watching Brexit negotiations

By MoneyWay | Sep 24, 2019

A defiant Boris Johnson hit back at the U.K.’s top judges and vowed to take the country out of the European Union next month, despite suffering an unprecedented legal defeat over his Brexit strategy in the highest court in the land. In a sweeping rebuke to the prime minister, Britain’s Supreme Court ruled that Johnson broke the law when he decided to suspend Parliament for five weeks in the run-up to the Oct. 31 deadline for leaving the EU. The ruling marks an extraordinary constitutional moment and an unprecedented political crisis for the U.K. It blows a hole in Johnson’s political authority and calls into question his ability to remain in office as the Queen’s principal adviser. Senior politicians, including the former Conservative Prime Minister John Major, demanded that he apologize to Parliament. While the opposition was quick call for his resignation, Johnson’s aides say he won’t go.

Currently             Close                     Range

USDCAD               1.3255                   1.3263                   1.3245-1.3275

EURCAD               1.4589                   1.4582                   1.4565-1.4604

GBPCAD               1.6548                   1.6487                   1.6455-1.6578

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