Gravitational pull has hit in, equities are lower, so are commodities, but not by much

By MoneyWay | Aug 26, 2021

Markets are taking a breather from moving higher, equities closed at or close to all time highs. Markets are focused on what the Federal Reserve will say tomorrow at its annual symposium, the concern is that the Fed may start its tapering of its bond purchases sooner than later. Also, the Afghanistan situation for the US is not in the rearview mirror as yet. Even though the U.S. claims to be out by August 31st, suicide bombs at Kabul airport are hindering evacuation plans.

The Canadian dollar is a bit weaker, joining other major currencies as the USD strengthens across the board. Expect another narrow range, with the CAD trading weaker to the USD.

Currently*          Close                     Range

USDCAD               1.2652                   1.2589                   1.2586-1.2637

EURCAD               1.4883                   1.4817                   1.4817-1.4855

GBPCAD               1.7352                   1.7321                   1.7308-1.7362

*Indicative Rates only

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