Markets are awaiting for British election results

By MoneyWay | Dec 12, 2019

Voters went to the polls on Thursday in an election that will pave the way for Brexit under Prime Minister Boris Johnson or propel Britain towards another referendum that could ultimately reverse the decision to leave the European Union.The face of the “Leave” campaign in the 2016 referendum, 55-year-old Johnson fought the election under the slogan of “Get Brexit Done”, promising to end the deadlock and spend more on health, education and the police. His main opponent, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, 70, promised higher public spending, nationalisation of key services, taxes on the wealthy and another referendum on Brexit.

Canada’s Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer, who lost the October election to Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has decided to resign, a party source said.

The Canadian dollar is basically unchanged, with Scheer resigning, Trump saying the U.S. is close to a deal with China, oil prices moving higher, British election, there is a lot on the table to digest. Analysts will likely wait another day or so so see where things lie. Expect a narrow range today.

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