Markets are better, oil prices up, Canadian dollar better to USD

By MoneyWay | Sep 15, 2021

North American equities are better, oil inventories are lower than expected shining a light on a better economy.  The U.S. economic data this morning was bullish, especially the Empire State data, giving a boost to investor confidence.

Canada’s inflation numbers reinforced what people have been saying, prices have gone up, way up, the CPI rose 4.1% its fastest since 2003. Although policy makers are likely to view price pressures as transitory, the report comes at an inopportune time for Trudeau, in the final days of a tight election battle. Affordability is a central campaign issue, and the main opposition Conservatives have been accusing the incumbent Liberal government of stoking inflation with debt-financed spending.

Not sure if inflation is transitory, central banks have been playing this tune so long that it’s turned into a golden oldie.

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USDCAD               1.2653                   1.2693                   1.2634-1.2708                   

EURCAD               1.4944                   1.4980                   1.4931-1.5013

GBPCAD               1.7505                   1.7528                   1.7482-1.7557

*Indicative rates only

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