Markets are mixed, tech stocks rebound, interest rates fall

By MoneyWay | Mar 22, 2021

The USDCAD is slightly weaker as oil prices continue to fall, however the $60 USD a barrel seems to be support for the moment. Interest rates have dropped back a bit 5yr U.S. Treasuries are 0.856% versus last week’s high of 0.90%, Canada’s 5yr Bonds are currently 0.987% versus recent highs of 1.03%. They don’t seem that much of a difference, but investors are looking for any increase in yield to boost their returns.

Equities especially tech stocks are higher, Tesla jumped on the back of Ark Investments that the stock will quadruple in four years, a bold call we will have to wait and see.

Currently*          Close                     Range

USDCAD               1.2520                   1.2497                   1.2473-1.2540

EURCAD               1.4943                   1.4876                   1.4845-1.4949
GBPCAD               1.7357                   1.7348                   1.7273-1.7354

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