Markets are starting to adjust to the coronavirus

By MoneyWay | Feb 6, 2020

Equities are now taking the coronavirus in stride, some stocks are now touching 52-week highs, while others are staying in positive territory. Commodities such as oil are moving higher but not at the same pace as equities, there are still uncertainties in regard to China’s ability to move its economy out of park and into drive.  There is some bitter irony in regard to the coronavirus, the Chinese doctor who was reprimanded by police after warning colleagues about a new respiratory disease emerging in Wuhan has died after falling ill, according to a person familiar with the matter. Doctor, Li Wenliang, had been admitted to a hospital in early January and later confirmed to have the coronavirus, according to a post on his social media account. The exact cause of death wasn’t immediately known.

The Canadian dollar is basically unchanged and will likely range trade the rest of the day.

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