Markets generally flat, no economic data today

By MoneyWay | Jul 12, 2021

Markets traded in narrow ranges as there was little in economic news to guide them, also this is the start of quarterly earnings releases. Investors are awaiting to see if companies are getting back to business and that the economies of the world’s largest countries are coming back. It will be a bit a drawn-out process, expectations are that earnings on the whole will be better than anticipated.

The Canadian dollar is weaker, oil prices have stopped rising, while gold is down slightly, expect a narrow range with a weaker trend for the next few days.

                                Currently*          Close                     Range

USDCAD               1.2460                   1.2446                   1.2444-1.2514

EURCAD               1.4780                   1.4780                   1.4776-1.4832   

GBPCAD               1.7300                   1.7292                   1.7281-1.7339

*Indicative rates only

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