Markets generally in a holding pattern, potential upside in equities held in check

By MoneyWay | Apr 13, 2021

The FDA has put Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine on hold till it analyses the data on the people who have reacted to the vaccine. One person has died out six negative reactions. This is purely a cautionary procedure however, the negative delay of not giving the vaccine may outweigh any positive data as more and more people get the virus and the numbers of death increase dramatically.

The CAD is stronger to the USD, oil is back over $60 USD WTI, and all other commodities are right across the board with the exception of platinum. 

Expect a narrow range today.

                   Currently*        Close         Range

USDCAD      1.2540            1.2561      1.2539-1.2638

EURCAD      1.4972            1.4959      1.4949-1.5028

GBPCAD      1.7230            1.7259      1.7220-1.7333

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