Markets generally unchanged, housing is a different matter

By MoneyWay | Nov 19, 2020

Currencies and equities are hovering around their closing levels as investors await to see if Washington can get their act together and produce a second stimulus package, also another vaccine maker AstraZeneca along with Oxford University said Thursday that they will be reporting results on their late stage trials by Christmas. The key feature of this vaccine is that it is well tolerated and produced a strong immune response in people over 70. This is important because vaccines often don’t work as well in older people.

Home sales in the U.S. grew past the most optimistic market calls. September sales rose 4.3% which when annualized came back at 26.6%, the highest rate since February 2006, Sales might have been even higher if there was more inventory, the “flight to the burbs” doesn’t seem to be waning. Once, the coronavirus vaccines are released, there maybe a bit of a reversal in population movement, we will have to wait and see.

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