Markets still nervous over Britain’s mutant virus

By MoneyWay | Dec 22, 2020

Congress awaits President Trump’s signature on the second stimulus plan, markets are getting more nervous in regard to Britain’s variant virus. Health officials around the world are trying to determine how invasive this virus is. So far, it has been determined that it is more contagious, children are more susceptible however it is no more intensive than the original virus. Therefore, vaccines are still okay and it responds to medications in the same manner.

The USD is getting stronger, the USDCAD is trading around its 30-day simple moving average of 1.2924, if it closes above this level, then we are now back to a new trading range.

                                Currently             Close                     Range

USDCAD               1.2920                   1.2854                   1.2843-1.2933

EURCAD               1.5724                   1.5735                   1.5712-1.5784

GBPCAD               1.7241                   1.7305                   1.7222-1.7313

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