Markets still waiting for inauguration to be over, potential comments from Yellen as well

By MoneyWay | Jan 19, 2021

Tensions are still high in Washington, there are even more security personnel, and the FBI has been brought in to vet all the security personnel to ensure there are no insider problems in terms of breaking ranks.

Janet Yellen is in front of the Senate Finance Committee this morning in regard to her confirmation for Treasury Secretary, the former Federal Reserve Chairperson will enlighten her audience as what her views are and where the USA should be going economically. There shouldn’t be any bumps with this nomination.

The CAD is a bit stronger to the USD,  commodities are moving higher, oil is $53 USD a barrel WTI, and copper is $3.613 USD a pound, close to its one year high of $3.71 USD a pound. Markets are starting to feel even more positive as the vaccines roll out, and expectations of western economies’ growth in the second half of 2021 are high. However, it won’t be till 2022 that you will see some semblance of pre-covid stability. We shall wait and see.

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