Markets unchanged waiting for the Federal Reserve

By MoneyWay | Apr 27, 2021

Even with U.S. Consumer Confidence at a 14 month high and indications that people are ready to spend, travel, and buy big ticket items, investors are waiting to see what the Federal Reserve does tomorrow. It is fully expected that the Fed will leave interest rates alone, but the question is will it bring its next rate hike sooner than the last announcement’s forecast? 2023 was supposed to be the year that it would hike rates, however inflation seems to be catching a wave and whether it becomes a tsunami will have to wait and see.

Currently*         Close                     Range

USDCAD               1.2395                   1.2395                   1.2388-1.2418   

EURCAD               1.4971                   1.4971                   1.4964-1.4998

GBPCAD               1.7250                   1.7225                   1.7206-1.7273

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