Markets wait for FOMC minutes, USD a little weaker

By MoneyWay | Feb 20, 2019

While the Federal Reserve has already made its interest rate announcement, analysts will now comb over the minutes to see if there are any potential changes to the Fed’s current policy. The minutes do include the complete economic analysis compiled by Fed officials and whether or not any FOMC members have voiced opinions at odds with the rest of the group. Some analysts are calling for a rate hike at the end of the year, but that is too far away to make that kind of call.

The USD has dropped against most currencies, the continuing U.S.-China trade talks although not totally smooth, have allowed traders some ray of light that an agreement maybe in the near future. On Tuesday, President Donald Trump said trade talks with China were going well and suggested he was open to pushing back the March 1 deadline to complete negotiations, saying it was not a “magical” date.

Currently             Close                     Range

USDCAD               1.3155                   1.3211                   1.3150-1.3217

EURCAD               1.4950                   1.4982                   1.4933-1.4995

GBPCAD               1.7199                   1.7256                   1.7156-1.7264

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