Markets waiting for further earnings numbers, currently in a holding pattern

By MoneyWay | Oct 18, 2021

While equities sit on the side lines,  commodities are mixed, today’s biggest loser is natural gas, down 5%, the remaining energy commodities are generally unchanged.

Currencies are trading within a narrow range, no real news to move these markets, GBP was lower on looming Brexit news as the EU is getting tired the Northern Ireland Protocol and other matters.

The USDCAD is unchanged and will stay that way the remainder of the day, it will likely move post equity market closes as Q3 earnings are released.

Currently*          Close                     Range

USDCAD               1.2367                   1.2367                   1.2348-1.2409

EURCAD               1.4368                   1.4349                   1.4329-1.4387

GBPCAD               1.6978                   1.7008                   1.6959-1.7041   

*Indicative Rates Only

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