Mixed messages in regard to U.S.-China trade talks

By MoneyWay | Nov 25, 2019

Oil prices are slightly unchanged with a downward bias based on signals that the U.S. and China were having difficulty in their efforts to break the impasse. China has pledged to improve its property rights while the remaining differences such as

Beijing’s pledging to buy American grain and meat, and open China’s economy more to foreign companies. Meanwhile U.S. equities climbed to records on optimism over China trade relations and a fresh wave of merger and acquisition activity. The dollar was mixed. Equity markets took a more positive view of China’s tightened intellectual property rules, plus merger and acquisition activities have picked up, giving equities room to move higher.

The Canadian dollar is slightly unchanged as well, appears to be following oil prices rather than the positive momentum of equities, likely to remain ranged bound.

                                Currently             Close                     Range

USDCAD               1.3305                   1.3302                   1.3285-1.3319

EURCAD               1.4655                   1.4659                   1.4639-1.4670

GBPCAD               1.7150                   1.7070                   1.7073-1.7188

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