No Canadian economic data this week, currency will likely drift

By MoneyWay | Jul 22, 2019

No economic news today, however geopolitical tensions continue to dominate the news, Iran has announced that it has dismantled a CIA-trained network and has handed down death sentences to the suspects. None of the suspects have dual citizenships are deemed to Iranian nationals. Oil prices have moved slightly higher, the world it seems is starting to wave off any news from the middle east as things are now at a stalemate.

                                Currently             Close                     Range

USDCAD               1.3109                   1.3059                   1.3041-1.3118

EURCAD               1.4704                   1.4653                   1.4628-1.4716

GBPCAD               1.6360                   1.6326                   1.6257-1.6386

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