The Canadian dollar is slightly better, traders looking at oil

By MoneyWay | Apr 12, 2019

Although there has been a disconnect between oil prices and the Canadian dollar, traders are starting to realize that sooner or later the move higher in oil prices is too big to ignore against the CAD. Oil has moved over 40% higher while the USDCAD has only moved 3%, the gap is too big.

                                Currently             Close                     Range

USDCAD               1.3333                   1.3383                   1.3313-1.3388

EURCAD               1.5071                   1.5061                   1.5051-1.5101

GBPCAD               1.7447                   1.7467                   1.7416-1.7494

                                                                                Prior                      Actual

US: Consumer Sentiment Apr                     98.4                        96.9

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