With the U.S. economy about to shut down literally hours away, Congress still can’t get its act together

By MoneyWay | Dec 18, 2020

Those in Congress keep telling the world that they just finalizing things, dotting the i and crossing the t, and yet no plan. Lawmakers may move to pass another short-term funding measure to keep the government running while they go through the process of writing a relief package and pushing it through both chambers of Congress. Even that strategy may not prevent a shutdown. Any one senator could delay swift passage of a temporary spending measure known as a continuing resolution. It seems they are more concerned with who will receive their vaccine and when.

Markets are trading a bit lower tired of the rhetoric and adjusting their positions before year end.

Canadian dollar is a bit weaker, following suit to the equities, expect a narrow range.

Currently             Close                     Range

USDCAD               1.2775                   1.2719                   1.2716-1.2778

EURCAD               1.5640                   1.5601                   1.5601-1.5642

GBPCAD               1.7245                   1.7275                   1.7212-1.7287

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